Connections Mobile Tip of the Day

Here’s something you may have missed in the little introductory pop-ups when you first log in to the Connections mobile app. We have a new feature, called Favorites, that let’s you, the user, add a link to almost anything in the app to the left navigation. This let’s you quickly get back to a community, file, forum, or person that you frequently open on mobile. Rather than navigate to a list of Communities and then scrolling to the one you want, make it a Favorite.

Here’s the trick (yes, we know this is hard for people to find on their own). Go to the thing you want to add, then long press on the blue bar at the top. 2 bubbles will slide out, the one on the left is for copying the link to that item. The one on the right (the star) is to add it to the Favorites list.

Here I am in the Renovations Sales Community.
Image:Connections Mobile Tip of the Day

And here is the link in my navigation! DONE.
Image:Connections Mobile Tip of the Day

You can add just about anything there, so go ahead and try it. To edit, long press in the navigation area at the top and you can reorder or remove items.

On Android, the action is in the menus. Hit the menu button and choose Add to Favorites.

That’s all for now!


Chris Reckling | 17 October 2014 05:01:25 PM ET |

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