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Connections Mobile – Files and Downloads

One of the most-used apps in Connections is the Files app. See this link for a full description of the features and benefits. In a nutshell, you can upload and share files with people and communities. In the mobile apps IBM just released, we put a lot of effort into making the Files experience simple, useful, and as full as possible. As mentioned in a previous post, we focused on core use cases for the mobile user:

  • Access to my files
  • Find a file anywhere in the system.
  • Open a file for viewing.
  • Commenting on files shared with me.
  • Uploading a photo from the device.
  • Share a file with other people.
  • Download a file for viewing offline.

Let’s just focus on the download use case – yes, you CAN take it with you. Once you find a file in the list or through search, you open it to its details page. Tapping on the file name allows you to quickly download or open it. There is a special view accessible from the file list or your account page to show you all your offline downloads. Files are encrypted on the device.
Here’s the iOS version. Android is quite similar.
Image:Connections Mobile - Files and Downloads

Now, if you happen to be off the network for some reason, you can still access your files and open or view them. You still won’t be able to enter comments for synching later, but this gets you 90% of the way there.


Chris Reckling

Chris Reckling | 18 June 2012 05:15:00 PM ET |