Monthly Archives: March 2009

Yikes – Lucas is 20!!

Lucas turned 20 last weekend, a milestone for everyone, I guess. I dug out some old photos and scanned them in (no digital cameras back in those days!).
Here are 2 from babyhood.

And here’s a more recent grown-up picture.

I must say, he’s a great guy!


This Little Light – Highland Station

A group I play with regularly made this recording to go on the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston CD (I think it comes out soon, but who knows!?) The arrangement is by Jim Scott. I’m playing bass on it (and finger snap, not at the same time) and the rest is acapella by J. Johnson, David Godkin, Pam Haran (lead), Gretchen O’Neil, and Eric Hanson.

This Little Light of Mine



Bermuda Triangle Exit – New Guitar

Well, I finally got around to recording the guitar that I built last fall. This is a Stefan Grossman tune called Bermuda Triangle Exit that I reacquainted myself with. I didn’t do it a million times to get it perfect, so it’s a bit “raw”, but you can at least hear what the guitar sounds like. 🙂

Bermuda Triangle Exit MP3

I recorded this to our old mac Sound Studio thru a Sony stereo mike. I added a touch of reverb afterwards, then converted to mp3.