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Must Read Blog

I “discovered” this blog from Ed’s blogroll, but thought it was worth pointing out here, too. It’s called An Antic Disposition, written by colleague Rob Weir. Rob’s an interesting guy, a great developer, and writes well. I first worked with Rob on K-station, where he led a team to analyze and fix performance problems. He really broke down the problem and we got some enormous improvements. He’s recently been on a real tear covering open document editors and ODF format issues:
Document Migrations – discusses and analyzes the pros and cons of migrating your document formats from one to another. I think the table and guidelines are useful lessons for anyone to read.
The Case for a Single Document Format: Part I – in Rob’s words: “This will be a multi-part post, mixing in a little economics, a little history and a little technology — an intellectual smörgåsbord — attempting to make the argument that a single document format is the inevitable and desired outcome.” This is an amazing, Koranteng-sized post. (Koranteng was another K-station team member…awesome group!)
Cannibalism – a response to Bob Sutor’s observations on OOXML.

If you are interested in open standards and ODF (and raspberries and Roman coins, apparently), then check out this blog.

Happy reading.

Chris Reckling
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