Vermont Instruments New Site

Vermont Instruments, run by George Morris and Adam Buchwald, where I took my sabbatical and began the luthier journey (is it ever over?) has put up a new web site. Our class picture (Fall 2008) is on the home page, taken on the last day before we went our separate ways. My guitar was still in pieces after I put in the inlay on the headstock, so I held one of the tenor guitars that was hanging around (literally) the shop and Adam had just strung up.

They’ve also put up a testimonials page, in which yours truly is pictured WITH my freshly-strung guitar, and a link to my chronicles on this blog. (See sidebar links.) A recognize a couple of my photos mixed in there, too. 🙂 If you are interested in taking the class, head on over there. Adam is also teaching a repair class, which sounds good, too.
I’m happy that they have added an alumni section, where presumably a forum will appear where we can ask questions and trade tips. So far, no login info yet, but it’s coming.

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