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John Renbourn Guitar Pieces

I’ve had this book since sometime in the late 1970s, when I was learning to play more intricate finger-picking guitar songs.  I don’t remember where I found it – at that time I was living in Flagstaff, so it could have been there. I didn’t read music, but this book is all in standard notation, […]

Hot Club of Cowtown at Club Passim

Went to see Hot Club of Cowtown again on Oct 4, 2011, this time at Club Passim. We first saw them at the Lowell Folk Festival in 2010 on a hot, sweaty summer day and jumped on the chance to see them again in this setting. Club Passim is a great venue for music – […]

Bob Dylan at House of Blues

On August 21, 2011, the whole family, boys included, went to see Bob Dylan at the House of Blues in Boston, in the shadow of Fenway Park. I had to get tickets through stubhub for more than face value, let’s just say, because even though I had looked on ticketmaster/livenation the minute tix were available […]

Little Bluebird Song

J and I backed Johnny Blazes the other night at The Midway in Jamaica Plain. The night was called Hypothesis and is a series that Johnny puts on exploring various themes. The theme for the night was Predator/Prey. Each artist explored the first theme in the first half….and, you guessed it, the second theme in […]

VT Instruments at Joe Val Festival

I met up with Adam briefly (so much music going on!) where he was hanging out with 3 of the nice instruments they made. I got a chance to try the little parlor guitar on the left – so loud, even with all those banjos playing in the same room. You can catch pictures of […]


The butterfly bush actually attracts butterflies! This isn’t the usual monarch that we see around here, but it’s pretty cool looking (and big). We saw this outside the front window and I ran out to take a bunch of photos. Chris

Green Arms

What’s up with our kids breaking their wrists??Did they not drink enough milk? Not enough sunshine?Is frisbee really a dangerous game? You tell me.Zach decided to join Lucas in the “wrist hit parade”, and he’s looking quite proud of his cast. Luckily we had good care down the street and didn’t have to suffer through […]

Primetime – Music

Here’s another guitar piece I wrote recently, played on my Collings OM-2H (short scale – i.e. 24.9″). I actually picked this little guy up on e-bay, in perfect condition, although smelled of cigarettes – it took me a few months (and a bottle of Fabreze) to get rid of the smell. Note to self: next […]

This Little Light – Highland Station

A group I play with regularly made this recording to go on the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston CD (I think it comes out soon, but who knows!?) The arrangement is by Jim Scott. I’m playing bass on it (and finger snap, not at the same time) and the rest is acapella by J. […]

Now, here’s an idea that seems both right and wrong at the same time. I saw this on the Chicago Music Store website, so may as well give them props. (The link didn’t bring me anywhere on their site, so I don’t have details. They do feature different guitars, including a strat model and pianos. […]