Lucas Gets an Award

One day a mysterious letter arrived from Lycoming College, where Lucas goes to school, informing us of an award that would be bestowed upon himself at the annual honors convocation. And would we like to attend? Why, yes, we would!

Thus began the trip to Williamsport during the MA spring vacation. Zach decided to hop on the bus too.
After a lovely 7 hour drive across MA, CT, NY, and PA, with one stop at Alexis Diner in Newburgh, NY, we arrived on the scene. Went to dinner at the Bullfrog Brewery, the most happening place in Williamsport besides the mall. Zach stayed with Lucas in the dorm and reportedly there were about 500 jello shots also in attendance that night. We were at the Holiday Inn Express, which is supposed to be nicer than the regular Holiday Inn attached to it – not sure how that works, but there was a bed, a TV, and a bathroom, so it worked out.
The Lycoming Honors Convocation hands out a bunch of awards at the end of the year for academic achievement. It was held in the gym, which kind of gave it a high school feel. Lucas is in the band, and the band played some warm-up numbers as well as the closing piece. Lucas plays first chair in the band and they sound pretty good. (He also got to attend the PA Intercollegiate band festival again this year.) So, I guess it wasn’t a huge surprise that he got an award for music. 🙂 Officially, it was the Richard Mix Prize in honor of Dr. Will George Butler. In fact, Mr. Mix was there and congratulated LR after the ceremony. He also got some cash out of it.
This week, Lucas goes on band tour somewhere unbeknownst to me, then he’s back in Brookline before going off to Israel for a dig.
That’s it for now! Way to go, Lucas!!!
Next post coming up on the next phase of the trip – to the Martin Guitar Factory!

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