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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Vermont Instruments New Site

Vermont Instruments, run by George Morris and Adam Buchwald, where I took my sabbatical and began the luthier journey (is it ever over?) has put up a new web site. Our class picture (Fall 2008) is on the home page, taken on the last day before we went our separate ways. My guitar was still […]

Flowers at the Arnold Arboretum

Went for a walk in the Arboretum yesterday before the Lilac Sunday/Mother’s Day crowd descends on JP today. Spectacular flowering trees and lilacs!! I posted a few of the best photos on picasa – click the image above to go there and see the full versions. You can almost smell the lilacs from these. Lots […]

Green Arms

What’s up with our kids breaking their wrists??Did they not drink enough milk? Not enough sunshine?Is frisbee really a dangerous game? You tell me.Zach decided to join Lucas in the “wrist hit parade”, and he’s looking quite proud of his cast. Luckily we had good care down the street and didn’t have to suffer through […]

Katz Rag

Here’s a Stefan Grossman tune I learned a long time ago and relearned recently. It’s from Yazoo Basin Boogie, the tab book I have from way back (KM-102) that cost me $1.25!  This time I’m using the CR Original Guitar (i.e. the one I made last fall). I’m using my new Zoom H4n recorder and […]